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It is very cliched. All that buildup for nothing. It is how every other murder mystery thriller ends. Recommendations: I would not really recommend this to someone unless they want a quick time pass read while traveling or on a lazy weekend. Thank you writersmelon for sending me a review copy. All views are my own. Jan 31, Sulagna Mondal added it Shelves: owned-books. But as the story progressed, I realised that this was not any everyday story. When I started reading the book, I really thought that the book somewhat belongs to the comedy genre, but as the story unfolds, it becomes darker and frightening.

Let me talk about the complex characters that the book has - Rahul, Simone and Suhel. From the very beginning, nothing much is revealed about the characters. Before Simone's disappearance the readers will get a glimpse of Simone's untold and unregistered fears and after her disappearance the readers will slowly get to know more about the intricate ways in which Rahul works that makes him so determined to find the roots of Simone's disappearance. Suhel's character is not much explored here but his thought processes are an added plot twist in this scenario.

There are other characters who add twists to the story and makes it more intriguing. Now coming to the plot of the story, initially the story did not attract me. It was going really slow and I had no idea where the story was heading to. But after reading pages or so, the story started picking up pace. Nothing really unveils and the story messes up as it progresses.

It is only the last 3 chapters where the shocking revelations take place. With complex psychological aspects and human behaviour as its core feature, Fear is the Key has a story that is one of its kind. This book is 'scary'. Yes, this is the word that I would use to describe this book. It gave me scary dreams. Do not think that the book has gory scenes, but the story itself gives you the chills. Also, this book has a lot of offensive sexual descriptions. So readers may not find these scenes appealing.

At first, I found these descriptions to be appalling but slowly I realised that these scenes were essential to the plot. This book is recommended to all the readers who loves to dig into dark psychological thrillers. Jan 30, Shubhangi Kansal rated it really liked it. The cover of the book was nothing short of mystical, it was the first indicator of how much I'll like the book. The story line is interesting and intense.

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Rahul who is a charming and attractive man takes matters into his own hands when his equally beautiful and brilliant wife and co-worker literally vanishes into thin air. The pace of the story is a mix of slow burn and fast pace in parts. The twists were unexpected and the climax did not disappoint. I will certainly recommend this book to all t The cover of the book was nothing short of mystical, it was the first indicator of how much I'll like the book. I will certainly recommend this book to all those who love thriller fiction. One thing I must point out is the style of writing, I wasn't a fan.

Author Juggi Bhasin tries to tell us about fear through this fictional tale which was extremely impactful. My rating for this book is 3.

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Jan 24, Sruthy Pisharady rated it really liked it. Rahul decides to throw a party to ease out the tension. During the party, Simone mysteriously disappears and the police is unable to trace her whereabouts. Rahul takes up the challenge and what he discovers is unbelievable. The book is a thriller which will keep you on your toes Rahul and his close friend Suhel who are IIT graduates start a digital infotainment site Yummimages. The book is a thriller which will keep you on your toes. It is well written with some unique characters. The suspense will keep you hooked.

Feb 22, Karthik Kailash rated it really liked it. Entry of Simone, Rahul's girlfriend and the company's chief content officer, causes a stir as she has major differences with Suhel. Torn between love and friendship, Rahul tries a patch up by throwing a party. It is a perfect party of love,sex and drugs and towards the end, when Rahul tries to talk to Simone, she mysteriously disappears. A heart broken Rahul hands over the reins to Suhel and goes on to play detective. Rest can't be said without spoilers. Read to find out, a worthy read. A good mystery book after a while. Feb 13, Isha Choudhury rated it it was ok.

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I found the book to be deviating at times, it went from Simone's disappearance, to absolutely no mention of her. I would have felt better if I read more of Simone than reading about the frustrations of a CEO, and his investigative capabilities during with even the main police officer in charge was lost.

Secondly, the amount of obsession this book has with sex and breasts is incomparable, till a point it becomes disturbing, and most of the sex scenes come out of nowhere with women undressing for no reason at all. So, summarizing it, I felt that the book escalated from its main point to something else on a different tangent altogether. Jan 30, akshika khatri rated it it was amazing. That is exactly what happens in this case.

This book revolves around deep and dark feelings and mostly around 'fear'. It will instantly transport you to the life of a Hotshot entrepreneur and his startup that is driven by three main characters of the book. Rahul , Simone and Suhel , each of them different yet necessary for the startup to progress.

It is based on Simone's dissapearance and the mystery keeps you going till the very end to find what happened to her. The story touches the complex feelings and passion that we all have but its all about how some people channel it to an extreme positive or extreme negative. Review: I started this book with a lot of hopes as i have read about the Author and i was quite sure he would have done justice to it. Thankfully , i was proved right. The book starts at a very easy pace and its easy to get hooked to the story.

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There is a good connection with things or places we have seen in real life and as the story progressed i could relate to so many things at once. The good thing about the beginning is that it is not just thriller from the page 1. It has love , it has friendship , it has struggle , it has family trauma and so much more to offer. There are small details that don't hold importance earlier but when you get to know the meaning you have a kind of ' Eureka' moment. The characters are written in a way that you can build up an image in your mind. However, i felt that some of the characters were less explained and i would have loved a bit more depth like it has been provided for the main Character 'Rahul'. The narration is one of the best part as i never felt its difficult to comprehend or losing track of the story line. Everything is beautifully connected to give a greater picture to the readers. There are certain passages which would trigger your imagination because of the way they are written.

This is one positive thing lacking in most books because it sometimes becomes boring when the author tries to express more than it is needed , but full points here for striking a balance between too less detailing and too much detailing for most of the scenes. It also focuses on some of the issues prevailing in our society that we generally chose to ignore because of our fast paced life. Another thing noteworthy is that , there are obvious high points and low points in the book.

Midway somewhere the author begins to connect different stories together and i felt the book has reached a low point but it was very short thankfully and when i continued and figured the connection it was the perfect high point for me as it intrigued me further and my reading pace increased. There might be some tracks in the book which will not make sense to everyone and even i felt at some places that what is exactly happening but to be honest , that is what fiction is. The best part for me was the ending of this book. I would say reading the last few pages was a difference experience altogether and i couldn't have asked for a better ending.

Full justice to being a "Bestselling Thriller". Just when you think you have understood the plot , there will be a twist waiting to change your perception. To sum it up , if you like Thrillers you should read this book as it will be an entertaining read for you and if you dont like Thrillers , you should still give it a try as it might just change your interest : P. S - I got a review copy of this book through Writersmelon in exchange of an honest review.

I have tried to keep my review generic and free of spoilers so that everyone can benefit from it. Rating: 3. Fear is The Key is no doubt a psychological thriller. I derived that conclusion even before I actually landed on the genre of the book. Also, you can pretty much form an idea that it would have to do something with mind games given the title, Fear is The Key.

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The lea Rating: 3. The lead protagonist Rahul Abhyankar who is an IIT Graduate had a chance at being a billionaire when he decided to ditch the campus interviews and be his own boss. That is when he started off with a Digital Infotainment Site, Yummimages with his childhood friend cum follower Suhel. What started out as a tiny attempt at creating his own space amidst the swarm of large digital sites was now one of the most popular ones out there that it became the talk of the town.

Rahul and Suhel get involved into an heated argument which soon turns into a fight and they leave things there, unfinished. To make amends and as a peace offering, Rahul throws a party at his house. One second she is enjoying herself and the next, she is gone. Coming on to how I liked the book. But, slowly it kind of built on to me and I started liking it more as I kept on turning the pages. Now for the part which I missed in the book. There was so much happening, so many mind games going on that somewhere I felt that the characters forgot that they have to have feelings. Too much psychology does that to you, I guess!

I am talking about myself.

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Feb 03, Reethu Ravi rated it liked it. Story Yummimages, a digital infotainment site unlike no other is the brainchild of Rahul and Suhel, two childhood best friends straight out of IIT. With creative inputs from Simone, Rahul's fiancee-to-be, the start-up is soaring sky high, until one-day things start heating up between Suhel and Simone. To set things right between the two, Rahul organises a grand party at his house. But all hell breaks loose when Simone goes missing from the venue. As things start unfolding one by one, what is Simone's connection with a swimming instructor, a pizza delivery boy and a Zuber driver?

Will Rahul be able to find Simone? What I loved For a crime thriller, the story progressed quite well. The suspense factor was quite high and I found it almost impossible to put the novel down. The writing is good, though not exceptional, and the pace of the story had me glued to the book rather than the writing itself. Except for one character that was significant to the plot, this was completely unnecessary when it came to the rest.

If the author had avoided this, I would have easily given the book a rating of 3. Though it began as a fast-paced novel, I found the last couple of chapters a bit mundane. The characters were portrayed in a weak manner and failed to connect with me; which for me is very important. Towards the end, there were numerous loopholes and this ruined the plot further. Though it had a brilliant plot, poor characterisation, and uncalled for complications led to the novel failing to leave a mark on me.

Feb 12, Rakhi Jayashankar rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , fiction , thriller , investigation. A crazy new generation firm where the employees come to office in flip flops and shorts. The Yummimages, wherein people flush out their frustrations, become the talk of the time and flourishes in no time. Nevertheless a minor mistake by one of the employees affect the firm to such an extend that the co-owners Rahul and Suheil had to do several gimmicks to clear the mess. While they somehow manages to get back into the right track, Simone, the star employee of the firm disappears into thin air.

I A crazy new generation firm where the employees come to office in flip flops and shorts.

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In order to make matters worse, the tiff between Simone and Suheil is unerathed by the investigating officer who leaves no chance to pull them down. Rahul,who had been dating Simone fall into depression and starts hallucinating. However, he gains his composure and sets out to find the secret that he was unaware of, which brings him to three persons- Usman, Fredo and Dubey who had been directly or indirectly connected to Simone.

The book is crafted in such a way that, as a reviewer, I might contradict myself. At one point, the graphic details of the making out sequences were unwanted and pulled down the book to the level of a B-grade erotica. On the other hand, at a different level, to depict the characters of Usman, Fredo, Dubey and Rahul himself, some of the sequences were inevitable. The book can be misleading and eye opening at the same time. How it reaches to the readers depends on the perspective that the readers would like to establish in their psyche. There are a lot of scenarios which are thought provoking like a driver making himself available in the same location so that he can get acquainted with a woman, or an innocent faced boy who gains the trust so that he can carryout his lecherous desires and so on and so forth.

The climax however failed to impress me. There is indeed a twist but it was well expected. The highlight of the book would be the interactions between Rahul and Tanya. The book cover needs a special mention. Now a days publishers take random pictures from shutterstock for the book cover. In such a scenario a hand gripping a shard tool in the blue background with the title Fear is the Key surely sends the right message forcing the reader to pick up the book because whatever the saying says, we still judge a book with its cover.

Feb 11, Digant rated it liked it. Writing a psychological thriller is a tricky genre. There are hundred different things you have to take care of to make sure you serve the right mix of elements to the readers. But does it succeed in keeping the readers hooked till the end? Rahul and Suhel are thick friends since college days and their friendship is one of those Writing a psychological thriller is a tricky genre. Rahul and Suhel are thick friends since college days and their friendship is one of those unbreakable ones. Then comes Simone who instantly entices Rahul but on the other hand, develops a slow but sure enmity with Suhel.

To sort out things between the two, Rahul hosts a party at his house during which Simone mysteriously disappears. Even after the police thoroughly investigate, they are unable to solve the mysterious disappearance of Simone. Finally, Rahul decides to solve the mystery himself. As he goes further, he realizes he has to battle his inner demons as well as three characters who are so queer that he is left baffled. What happened to Simone? We find out in the last few pages of the book. There are definitely loopholes, but his ability to hold you till the end compensates for the rest.

The suspense is pretty unexpected and much more complex than I had fathomed. In his quest to convert this novel from a simple thriller to a psychological suspense, Juggi Bhasin delivers a pretty good novel. The USP of the book is the way Bhasin develops his characters. Also, the other three characters who play an integral role in the book are engrossing. Secondly, the ending of the book is filmy, scary and yet entertaining. Also, I have to mention inspector Kripal. He was fabulous. There are flaws indeed. The writer goes into too much depth at times, making few portions slightly boring.

Also, the psychiatric sessions between Rahul and Tanya are a bit overdone at times. The erotica too is slightly over the top. I would definitely recommend it. Feb 09, Aparna Prabhu rated it liked it. He is assisted by his close friend, Suhel. While Rahul is smart and enterprising, Suhel lets his muscular hands do the talking.

After the inclusion of the new content head, Simone, the traffic of the site reaches a new high. Suhel and Simone always seemed to be at loggerheads with each other. But this time, they had a major fallout.

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Rahul felt utterly helpless to make a choice between the two people, he loved the most Rahul, a graduate from IIT Delhi, heads a popular infotainment site, Yummimages. Rahul felt utterly helpless to make a choice between the two people, he loved the most in this world. He throws a lavish party in his house, in order to restore order in his company. The party was in full swing, with unlimited drinks flowing around, when chaos struck. Simone was no where to be seen. A search party was sent to track her. But, the search turned out to be futile. The police was summoned and a missing complaint was filed.

There was no breakthrough in the case. After some investigation he managed to round off three suspects, Usman, a swimming instructor, Frodo, a pizza delivery guy and Dubey, a cab driver. The case gets murkier and dark secrets spill out. Will he be able to find the culprit and confront his fears? Read the book to find out. The plot didn't hold contain my interest in the beginning. However it got better in the subsequent pages. It had it's set of spine chilling, fear instilling moments. I liked how the author tapped the psychology of the mind and impulsive behaviour.

Ruby applies herself in school, hires a calculus tutor, and gets accepted to college. Ruby has sex with her casual boyfriend; it is not explicit but they are not in a committed relationship. She catches her friend having sex with the same guy. Ruby buys and smokes pot and drinks alcohol; she drinks excessively to the point of passing out to escape from her problems, but is punished for it. Ruby's mom is a smoker and alcoholic who lands in rehab after she is found unconscious in a hotel room. Parents need to know that teen characters in the book deal with physical and mental abuse by their parents, but it's not sensationalized and the focus is on the psychological after-effects.

Teens' coping strategies include drug and alcohol use and running away. The importance of family and friends is strongly emphasized. Add your rating See all 2 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 31 kid reviews. When Ruby's single mom takes off a few months before Ruby's 18th birthday, she lives alone in a roach-infested house without running water, hoping to stay under the radar until she's a legal adult.

Instead, a social worker sticks her with Cora, the older sister she hasn't seen for 10 years, now a lawyer married to a rich Internet entrepreneur. Despite her new posh surroundings, Ruby always wears the key to her old house on a chain around her neck as a reminder of her difficult yet more familiar old life.

She slowly starts to lower her emotional defenses, reconnecting with her sister, making friends with another girl who doesn't fit in at school, and crushing on Nate, the cute, popular boy next door who seems to have a perfect life.

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It's only when she gets to know Nate that she realizes he might have secrets of his own to unlock. Teens will respond to Ruby's first-person voice as she struggles with all the changes in her life, even positive ones. Extensive dialogue exchanges give a sense of immediacy and connection with the characters. The child abuse isn't sensationalized; she focuses on the psychological damage, not the physical violence.

Some of the author's imagery especially the key metaphor lacks subtlety; secondary characters seem created to make a point, rather than as real people Ruby's brother-in-law, while endearing, is simply too perfect ; and several plot developments feel contrived. Still, the writing is higher quality than you'll find in many popular young-adult books, with lovely phrases and surprising bits of humor. Families can talk about books about abuse. Why might this book be appealing to kids from difficult homes?

Do kids from functional families have something to learn from Ruby's story?

The author has written several popular books for teens, including Just Listen. What is appealing about her books? Why do they resonate so well with teens? Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. See how we rate. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

Thank you for your support. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. Learn how we rate. Frustrated, Mark checked out his competition and analyzed their descriptions. Guess what?

His sales doubled within an hour. Get it right and the purchase is practically a no-brainer. So, how do you go about writing a book description? Think about it as an advertisement rather than a summary. Think of it like a movie trailer. The best way to nail this is to start by stating the problem or question that your book addresses and then show briefly that your book solves the problem.

BUT leave a key piece of information out of the equation. That way, you are guaranteed to pique the interest of your reader and leave them wanting more. If you are looking for strong examples of book descriptions, check out Patrick King. His books consistently sell very well:. The Art of Witty Banter. If you have a good choice of title, book cover, and description, your book is almost guaranteed to do well on Amazon.

But just to make sure, test these items against one another using PickFu. PickFu allows you to get honest and objective feedback from a targeted audience quickly and easily. Getting your book into a category — or several categories — where it will do well can be vetted by checking out similar books that are ranked 30, on Amazon or above. If you can get super niche, and rank in and up, you can expect to sell between 80— copies per day.

The idea is to get as granular as possible. Why does this matter? And, the more specific the sub-genre, the more likely it is that your book will achieve bestseller status in that category. To ensure the best chance of discoverability for your book, go to Amazon or other book retailers and look up books similar to yours. Pay attention to what categories they are in and see what keywords the authors have used to describe their books.